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Saturday, September 3, 2011

How To "Manage" Your Special Needs Child and the Importance of a Medical Notebook

First a quick update on Caelyn :)

She has been continuing to do well. She got to try out her stander at Early Intervention this week. She did so good! She did not fuss at all! She was in it about 10 minutes before we took her out. I'm anxious to see what she does in 2 weeks when we go back! I know that when we bring it home she will love being able to be in it and see/play with her big sister.

We went to the movie theater last night and watched Winnie the Pooh. Caelyn had so much fun! She giggled throughout the first 30 minutes and then she fell asleep! Hahaha. We went shopping today and I just had to share this picture. It's too funny! Caelyn's daddy set his wallet down on her lap and looked away for 5 seconds. When he looked back this is what we found:

Looks like someone is learning early!! (Miss Amy, you would be so proud of her reaching and grabbing!!)

I wanted to make a short post on the importance of "managing" your special  needs child. I cannot express the importance of being involved in every aspect of your child's care. You are your child's best advocate. If one doctor will not listen to you or you do not get the answers you were looking for, go to a different one. Go to 50 different ones if you have to. I went through 3 doctors until we could finally find one that was willing to listen to us and start us on the right path. Trust your instincts; you know your child best.

Go to every doctor's appointment possible. Attend all therapy session when you are able. Find out what you can be doing with your child at home to maximize their care. Know what medication your child is on and the dosages. It is also helpful to know which medications your child has been on in the past. Know what past surgeries/procedures your child has had. Know your child's diagnosis and gain as much information about their condition as possible.

As helpful and important as all that is, it will do your child and their doctors no good in an emergency situation. If there was a situation in which an emergency would arrive and you were unable to be with your child, the doctors would be in the dark as to your child and their situation. That is why it is really important to have a medical notebook that stays with your child at all times. Check out this website for really great information on a care notebook, how to create one, what information should be in it, etc.

Please comment on our facebook page here and let is know if this information was helpful to you and if you have any questions! Thanks! See you next Friday :)

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  1. I am so glad she is taking such great strides in her development.
    A care notebook sounds like a very smart idea to have with any child not just a special needs child. I can see the extra importance of having on with a child that is under multiple doctors' care as well.