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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

YUMMM! Chocolate Pudding!

Hello to all of our new followers!! Caelyn continues to do awesome. She is improving everyday. We went to her Ear, Nose, and Throat check-up last week and we got the news that he wants Caelyn to get decannulated (tracheostomy removal) within the next couple of months. We are beyond excited! This is BIG news for us! Granted she is able to go through with it and do it well, this will mean a huge lifestyle change for us. We will no longer have to have nursing in our home and Caelyn will be able to stay with relatives, both short visits and overnight stays with big sister! That is so exciting because family has never been able to keep Caelyn before because they are not trained in tracheostomy care and emergency situations. This means mommy and daddy can finally have some time alone with kids! yay!

I just love watching her grow up. She continues to amaze her doctors and therapists all the time. We are making a little bit of progress towards standing. She will now bear weight on her feet for about 1 minute at a time. I'm confident that with hard work and God-willing my baby will learn to walk! She is very vocal, but is still only making vowel sounds. We are working on her with communication. We play for awhile and then we stop and ask her "do you want more?" or "do you want to go?" or my favorite, " Ready....set....." and we wait for her to make some sound to signify "more", "yes", or "go". Then we praise her and we go some more. She gets such a big smile on her face! She knows we are so proud of her and she is proud of herself. She is also learning how to use switch toys more and more. The thought is that if she is ultimately not able to communicate, that she will eventually be able to learn how to use communication devices such a speaking boxes to help her communicate with others. Her therapists were so proud of her on Monday! She worked so hard and did amazing work! At speech, she even got to eat animal crackers dipped in chocolate pudding. You can see she really enjoyed that!!

At home, Caelyn is busy learning and growing. She is also fussy most days because she is cutting a mouth full of teeth. There is not one spot in her mouth that does not have a bud trying to pop through. We are busy getting both girls ready for school. Caelyn starts back to school next week, and big sister goes back on the 22nd. So between teething, getting ready for school, therapies, and playing/learning at home Miss Caelyn has been quite the busy girl!

Next weekend we will be traveling to Toledo to visit family. We will also be getting our pictures at the beach by a good friend of mine, Amy Cook. Check her out and tell her that I sent you! She does amazing work and we are excited to get the girls' pictures taken! I will post some when I have them!

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