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Friday, June 24, 2011

Maybe no more glasses in our future?

Caelyn had her eye appointment yesterday and he said that she is doing great. He was very pleased with her progress and said that in the future she may outgrow her need for glasses. He said to watch for things like her constantly taking her glasses off and still doing fine without them. That would be so great for her, though at the time being she is perfectly content with wearing them.

She is doing great today and she has such a funny personality. She is so stubborn and strong-willed and she has quite the temper (I wonder where she gets that from haha)! If you talk to her and say something she doesn't like, she will always roll her eyes at you. She also shakes her head "no" all the time! If she really wants to let you know she not happy we have caught her a few times saying "uh-uh". Its so funny and too cute!! If she really is not interested in what is going on she will turn her head and close her eyes. I think she thinks that if she can't see us, we can't see her. Her favorite time to test out this trick is doesn't work. Her therapists all say she is going to make a great actress someday!

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